K. Perhaps Newsvine has LIED to, CHEATED and STOLEN from its members!

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In the previous blog I speculated that Newsvine may have LIED, CHEATED and STOLEN ad revenues from its members, to keep the money for itself.  That would be the the 90% of the ad revenues its own User Agreement says will go to its members.  (See my prior blog for a UA quote on that.)

On February 7th Newsvine is releasing a new facelift of itself, after some 7 months of Beta Testing.  How did they pay for all that new development.  Well, in my opinion, it’s possible that it may have been financed by all that money they may have stolen from their Newsvine Community members.  That’s the same 90% that used to go to the members automatically, but now ALL 100% goes to Newsvine, since Newsvine changed the rules (but not the UA) as of December 31st.

In fact, in my opinion this very recent comment below from Newsvine employee Luke Dorny even seems to support that notion.

Luke Dorny, an Official Newsvine employee, just like Mark Budos, Lance Anderson, Tyler Adams and Sally Chamberlain, posted this comment recently, concerning the new Newsvine rollout…
Newsvine is a free website that provides a community for those that would like to write, share, and discuss news. Advertising helps pay for this service. There are many, many, many reasons why the old Newsvine is going away. But the “service” that Newsvine provides will remain free, thanks to advertising.
If you haven’t experienced the new Newsvine, hold your opinions until you’ve at least sat in the driver’s seat and driven a block or two. We aim to continue making Newsvine into what you love. This step is many years in the making.
#52.2 - Fri Feb 1, 2013 5:34 PM EST
NOTICE the two lines I BOLDED about “advertising”.
Advertising helps pay for this service.
But the “service” that Newsvine provides will remain free, thanks to advertising.

This seems to support, and in my opinion even confirms my suspicions that Newsvine grabbed that ad revenue away from its members in order to keep it for itself.  Because the Google AdSense option that was supposed to be a replacement to the members for their suddenly lost revenue stream, doesn’t seem to work for most Newsvine Community, and the Newsvine official employees don’t really seem to give a damn if it does or not.  Ask most Newsvine members and they will tell you that Newsvine officials have been far less than helpful in trying to resolve the Google AdSense problems.

Wake up Newsvine Community Members!  You may have been screwed, blued and tattooed by Newsvine on the ad revenues because they may have STOLEN that money from you!  It’s Bait and Switch!  A pig in the poke!  You may have been taken to the cleaners!

In my humble opinion the whole new Newsvine format ruse may just be a subterfuge to take Newsvine Community Members minds off the fact that Newsvine just stole their ad revenue money!  But, that’s just my opinion.  I could be wrong.  (But, I am probably not.)



FOR MORE on NEWSVINE:  http://newsviner.wordpress.com/  -  and  -  http://muckibr4.wordpress.com/

NOTICE:  All quotes and text clipped from Newsvine, are within the scope of Fair Use provisions 17 U.S.C. § 107 of U.S. copyright laws as well as the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

One thought on “K. Perhaps Newsvine has LIED to, CHEATED and STOLEN from its members!

  1. muckibr Post author

    Again, all TRUE and backed-up by factual documentation, that led to my opinions about what Newsvine may really be up to.

    What does this kind of game playing seem like to you? Wall Street before the crash with Mortgage Backed Securities and phony valuations? ENRON before it screwed over customers, employees and taxpayers? Any number of big business schemes to screw over the little guy in order to line the pockets of the big shots?

    Don’t you wish you could have done something to stop Wall Street or ENRON?

    Here’s a chance to do something now, and make Newsvine star being HONEST at least with its own Newsvine Community Members.


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