This 2016 election is THE BIGGEST CON JOB IN THE HISTORY OF AMERICA, probably the history of the world and all mankind.

Donald Trump does NOT want to win the presidency.  He never did.  It was all a scam.  His campaign was all a planned con job on the American people to make sure Hillary Clinton would be elected.  And the con job is working better than anyone ever expected.

Before he announced his candidacy Donald Trump spoke to Bill Clinton.

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Was that the genesis of this con?  Probably.

Think about it!

In 1992 how did Bill Clinton beat incumbent president George H.W. Bush for his first election to the presidency?

H. Ross Perot!

Ross Perot announced his candidacy as a Third Party Candidate for the presidency, syphoning off just enough Republican votes from George Bush to insure Bill Clinton’s win.  That’s how the first Clinton won his first presidential election, and how they (Bill and Donald) planned to make sure the second Clinton would win her election to the presidency.

Think about it!

When Donald Trump first announced he was running as a Republican at least two certainties were apparent.

1.  Trump was not a Republican.


2. Trump would never win the GOP nomination.

Almost immediately the question became, “Will he run as an Independent if he loses the Republican primaries?”  He left that door wide open.  Sure he was going to run as an Independent, just like Ross Perot did, but first he had to establish his Republican bona fides by running in the GOP Primaries.  The Republicans tried to close that door by making its candidates take “The Pledge” to support whomever the nominee was, because nobody ever thought Trump was going to be the GOP Nominee.  Nobody!  So, if he took “The Pledge” then he couldn’t run as an Independent.


Donald Trump did better in the GOP Primaries than anyone ever expected.  Even though he tried and tried to sabotage his own campaign, several times.  Even though he tried his hardest to get kicked out of the Republican Party and thus the GOP Primaries, he could not.  Even though he said that if the Republicans were “unfair” to him then he would never honor “The Pledge”.  Still, all the outlandish things he did and the rude anti-Republican politically-incorrect statements he made didn’t hurt his campaign, they actually strengthened it.  He was trying to screw it up.  Trump was trying to get kicked out of the GOP so he could break his pledge and run as an Independent, like Perot did in ’92.  But Trump kept screwing-up in reverse.  It seemed that everything he did, everything the political pundits said would be the end of his campaign, only made him a stronger Republican candidate.

Meanwhile, in the Democratic Party…

This Clinton/Trump plan could never work unless Hillary Clinton won the Democratic Primaries and became the actual Democratic Nominee.  At first it looked like a cake-walk for Hillary.  None of her opponents stood a chance against her.  They were all virtual unknowns, political nobodies.  The only name most people recognized among the Democratic candidates was Clinton.  Partly because of her husband Bill “I never had a sexual relationship with that woman” and “It all depends upon what your definition of ‘is’ is.” Clinton.  And partly because of her own reputation for her lies about being “under fire” in Bosnia…

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and so much more.

But then came Bernie Sanders!  A rumpled old guy from the tiny state of Vermont who people seemed to like and trust a lot more than they did Clinton or Trump.

Bernie’s problem was that even before he announced his candidacy the deck was already stacked against him.  Part of “The Clinton/Trump Plan” was to make sure Hillary won the Democratic Nomination.  To do that she needed to win the Democratic Delegates.  Part of them could be gotten by winning the Democratic Primaries, but the other part was to lock-them-up before the Primaries by forcing the Super-Delegates to commit to Hillary, and over five hundred of them did.  That meant that any other candidate running against Hillary was starting off in a deep deep hole.  Hillary had a 500 delegate lead on everyone before the first Democratic Primary was ever held.  Talk about a rigged election!

Nobody expected any candidate to really challenge Hillary.  This was her election.  She was owed this because Obama beat the crap out her in 2008 when she was supposed to win that nomination in a cake-walk too.  Obama owed her, and Biden dropped out.  The Democrats had no one else of any consequence to run against her.  She was assured the nomination, but then came Bernie Sanders.  He wasn’t even a real Democrat!  He was an Independent from Vermont who caucused with Democrats, so nobody really took him seriously.  “Sure Bernie, you can run in the Democratic Primaries.  Snicker!  Snicker!”

The problem soon became apparent as Bernie Sanders caught fire with the masses.  “Feel The Bern!”  So many did, but it was already too late.  Hillary had the Super-Delegates and she also had Debbie Wasserman Schultz pulling strings in the Democratic National Committee to make sure that not even a freak like Bernie Sanders could keep Hillary from getting the Democratic Nomination.

Bernie said the Primaries were rigged.  He told us ‘The Fix Was In!’ to make sure Hillary won no matter what.  Some people believed him, but not enough.  He was right!  And the proof came out just before the banging of the opening gavel at the Democratic National Convention when Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign.

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Bernie was right.  The Democratic Primaries were FIXED to make sure Hillary Clinton won the nomination.  The proof is right there, but it was too late.

Too late because Trump had already won the Republican Nomination to be the GOP candidate for President of the United States.

Question:  What could possibly be worse for America and Americans than to have Hillary Clinton as its next president?

Answer:  Donald Trump as America’s next president.

So, the two “most distrusted candidates in the history of American politics” have become the final two major party candidates running for President of the United States of America.  Talk about your choice of “The lessor of two evils!”

Trump doesn’t have to run as an Independent to take votes away from the Republican candidate, because he is the Republican Candidate!  All he has to do is make sure he doesn’t win the election against Hillary, and he is working on that by attacking the Gold Star parents of the late Army Captain Humayun Khan, and telling his people that he really doesn’t like babies who cry at his rallies.  What will he do next?  Who knows!  But count on Trump continuing to try to sabotage his own campaign, to insure that the plans he made with Bill on the phone, before he announced his GOP candidacy, will come to fruition and make Hillary our next president.

If you still think Hillary won her nomination, fair and square…

If you still think that Donald Trump is a real Republican (and serious candidate for president)…

If you still believe you have NOT been conned by one of the biggest frauds in American political history…

… then, I have a bridge in Brooklyn you will definitely want to buy.  Send me your money NOW!

Forget Bernie Sanders.  The Clintons and Trumps make Bernie Madoff look like a Saint by comparison.



The Best Way…

the ONLY WAY, to keep Donald Trump out of The White House is …

by electing Bernie Sanders to be the next President of the United States of America.

Hillary Clinton cannot win against Donald Trump.

Hillary Clinton will not win against Donald Trump.

The only current candidate who can and will beat Donald Trump is Bernie Sanders.

That’s just the way it is.

Support Bernie Sanders.

Demand that Super Delegates in the Democratic Party switch their support from Hillary Clinton to Bernie Sanders.  (Write to them.  Email them.  Call them.)

Demand that Bernie Sanders be the Democratic nominee for President of the United States of America.

Vote FOR Bernie Sanders for president…


simply accept that Donald Trump will be your president for at least the next four years.